Videos 2017

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General Interest 2016 - 2017

Hong Kong in Transiton: Session II
Night for Day
Highstead Talk: 10/12/2017
Indian Summer - The Hunter's Moon
Redding BOE & Region 9 Debates 10-17-17
Redding BOF Candidates Debate 10-17-17
Weston LWV Leglatitive Wrapup
My Brother Sam is Dead/Fact vs Fiction
Memorial Day Parade 5-27-17
Gilbert & Bennett - A Public Inquiry
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Gilbert & Bennett/Rev II
Random Sightings
Tryon's Raid
The Redding Land Trust Annual Meeting
Reminiscences & Other Lies
Keep on the Sunny Side
Early Spring
Thinking B&W
Day into Night
The Worm Moon & The Ides of March
Process Visual
Winter Light
The Snow Moon
Xmas Tree Lighthing 12-3-16
XMAS 2016
The Great Turkey Escape 2016
The Wolf Moon
@ 1/4 Speed
Capturing the Moment
The Onset of Winter
The Dark Moon
Circadian Rhythms
Short Takes
Working Hard or Hardly Working :)
State Senate & Reps Debate 10-13-16
Redding's History
Of Beauty & Evanescence
The 3rd Season ... Circa 2016
PTown & the Onset of Fall
Hunter's Moon
The Harvest Moon
The Lonetown Boys
Rock'n Roots Revival 2016
Happy 100
Infrared & Then Some - Slate Blue Version
All About Cars & Then Some
Memorial Day Parade 2016
Reflecting on Reality
A Short Impressionic Trip to Montreal
Redding Earth Day 2016
A Pruning Demonstration by Pamela Weil
Days of Future Past Rev II
NY State of Mind/Rev II
Motion 2 Step
Government Programs 2017

Redding Board of Selectme10-16-17
Redding Board of Finance 10-2-17
Redding Board of Selectmen 9-18-17
Redding Board of Finance 8-28-17
Redding Board of Selectmen 8-28-17
Train Noise 8-9/17
Redding Board of Finance 7-24-17
Board of Selectmen 7-17-17
Redding Board of Finance Emergency Meeting 6-28-17
Redding Board of Finance 6-26-17
Redding Board of Selectmen 6-19-17
Redding Board of Finance 5-22-17
Redding Board of Selectmen Special Meeting/Public forum on G&B
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Redding Board of Finance 4-24-17
Redding Board of Selectmen 4-24-17
Redding Board of Finance 3-27-17
Redding Board of Selectmen Special Meeting 3-27-17
Redding Board of Selectmen 3-20-17
Redding Board of Finance 2-27-17
Redding Board of Selectmen 2-27-17
Redding Board of Selectmen Special Meeting 2-13-17
Redding Board of Selectmen Special Meeting 1-23-17
Redding Board of Finance 1-23-17
Redding Board of Selectmen 12-19-16