Videos 2016

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General Interest 2015 - 2016

XMAS 2016
The Great Turkey Escape 2016
The Wolf Moon
@ 1/4 Speed
Capturing the Moment
The Onset of Winter
The Dark Moon
Circadian Rhythms
Short Takes
Working Hard or Hardly Working :)
State Senate & Reps Debate 10-13-16
Redding's History
Of Beauty & Evanescence
The 3rd Season ... Circa 2016
PTown & the Onset of Fall
Hunter's Moon
The Harvest Moon
The Lonetown Boys
Rock'n Roots Revival 2016
Happy 100
Infrared & Then Some - Slate Blue Version
All About Cars & Then Some
Memorial Day Parade 2016
Reflecting on Reality
A Short Impressionic Trip to Montreal
Redding Earth Day 2016
A Pruning Demonstration by Pamela Weil
Days of Future Past Rev II
NY State of Mind/Rev II
Motion 2 Step
Redding Tree Lighting 12-5-15
CT Trust Got Mill Forum and Gilbert & Bennett Update
The Legacy of Joan Ensor
Lumina Ryder, Redding's last one-room school teacher
Margaret Wixted: An Historian's Perspective
Slipstream In a quiet way
Fall 2015/Light/Color/Image
A Newport Visit
Passing Thru
Redding's History 1789 - 1865 -
From agrarian community to industrialized town & back.
The Bridge
Summer 2015 - Of Land & Sea
In Transit - From woodland to farm & then some
RHS Rock'n Roots Revival
RHS Rock 'n Roots Revival - Franklin's Tower
Government Programs 2016

Redding Board of Finance 12-12-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 12-12-16
Redding Board of Finance 11-28-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 11-21-16
Redding Board of Finance 10-24-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 10-17-16
Redding Board of Finance Special Meeting 10-5-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 9-19-16
Redding Board of Finance 8-29-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 8-15-16
Redding Board of Finance 7-25-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 7-18-16
Redding Board of Finance 6-27-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 6-13-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 5-16-16
Redding Board of Finance Special Meeting 5-10-16
Redding Board of Finance 4-25-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 4-18-16
Special Town Meeting 4-11-16
Redding Board of Finance 3-28-16
Redding Board of Selectmen 3-14-15
Board of Finance 3-7-16 (Recap of 3-3-16 Budget Presentations)
Redding Board of Finance BOE & BOS Budget Presentations 3-3-16
Redding Board of Finance 2-22-16
Redding Board of Finance 1-25-16