Videos 2014

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General Interest 2011 - 2014

12/12/12 - Westport, CT
Diffuse Light
Transition - From Sandy to Nor'easter
NRVT @ Wilton - 9/4/2012
In Situ
Redding Rid Litter Day 2012
Saugutuck Falls Bridge Dedication
Handel's Messiah
Remembering Marshall
“Trees: Protecting our Natural Assets”
Earth Day 2010
2010 Redding Tree Lighting Ceremony
A Feast for the Eyes
Invasives, What Are They?

Sustaining Life, How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity

G&B Community Culutral Center Opening

Glimpses into a garden

Capturing the Moment

Memorial Day 2009

Charles Keating, Speak the Speech

Redding's Open Space
Georgetown Day 2011
Redding, Willing & Able
Holiday Tree Lighting
Earth Day 2011
Alan November: The Role of Technology
in Educational Transformation
NRVT Trails
A Winter's Walk

Late Winter's Walk


Government Programs 2011 - 2014

Board of Finance Special Meeting 12-15-14
Redding Gilbert & Bennett Forum 11-17-14
Redding Board of Selectmen 11-17-14
Redding Board of Finance 11-24-14
Redding Board of Finance 10-27-14
Redding Board of Selectmen 10-20-14
Redding Vote on COG 10-20-14
Redding Board of Finance 9-22-14
Redding Board of Selectmen 9-15-14
Redding Board of Finance 8-25-14
Board of Selectmen 8-18-14
Board of Finance 7-28-14
Board of Selectmen 7-21-14
Board of Finance 6-23-14
Board of Selectmen 6-16-14
Board of Selectmen 5-19-14
Board of Selectmen 4-21-14
Board of Finance 4-7-14
Board of Finance 3-24-14
Board of Selectmen 3-17-14
Redding Board of Finance 3-6-14 Budget Presentations
Special Town Meeting 3-10-14
Ask Your Legistators
Board of Finance 2/24/14
Board of Selectmen 2-10-14
Board of Finanace 1-27-14
Board of Selectman 1-13-14
Board of Ed Meeting 1/8/14
Redding Boards Special Meeting 12/16/13
Redding Board of Finance 11-25-13
First Selectman Candidates' Discussion 10-29-13
Redding League of Women Voters Candidates' Debate
LWV 2013 Fall Kickoff Program
Region 9 Public Hearing on Various
JBHS Athletic Stadium Improvement
Special Town Meeting re:
The creation of an elected police commission in the town of Redding
Board of Selectmen Public Hearing on Police Staffing & Expenditures
Fairfield Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4)
Board of Finance Public Hearing on Budget Requests
Special Town Meeting: Agenda - Vote on School Security Requests
2nd Amendment Informational Forum
Joint Boards of Finance & Selectman: Agenda -
Funding School Security and Police Officer/Overtime
The Newtown Tragedy - What Can We Do?
CL&P Storm Preparedness Presentation to Redding
Redding State Representative Candidates Debate
Special Redding Town Meeting 10-17-12
State of the Town
Defining High Quality Education
Redding Start Times 3-8-12
Redding Board of Finance Meeting
A Budget Presentation
Redding Deer Management
Redding BOE Candidates Forum 10-25-11